Company Information

mPatientCare is a healthcare mobile app for Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnosis lab and Pharma store which is designed and implemented by EmedStore.

The application is a one stop solution to all your medical needs. Be it consulting a doctor, ordering medicine or keeping a track on your health, mPatientCare has you covered. The app offers you a seamless and beautiful design that appeals to a client's eyes and makes it easy for them to navigate through the huge amount of information available to select the best services for their wellbeing.
The app holds personalized records for every patient and gives real time information about hospitals, pharmacies, labs and other health services to the user.

User can book an appointment with a doctor of their choice based on their medical requirements. Online pharmacies connected to the app allow users to order medicine from the comfort of their houses by just uploading the prescriptions on the app. Users are offered a variety of packages based on their needs which include specialized packages for senior citizens, women and young working individuals. Each package has it's own unique benefits that are carefully selected to match the requirements of the patient.

Hospitals and services are carefully selected and recommended based on the best price available. mPatientCare is not an app for doctors alone, a variety of services such as blood donation, ambulance and emergency care, blood test and other lab tests are all available to book through the app. The app also provides live support and health tips for users to lead a healthy lifestyle. Users of the app can also see images and take a virtual medical tour of the hospital they wish to visit, so that they can be sure of what they are getting into, before they take their decision.

The app is a one of kind solution to all your health needs and is the only one to integrate such a large number and variety of services into a single application. It supports multiple platforms for doctors, pharmacists, patients and other medical services to interact with each other in a way that is beneficial to all. The app is available to download on iOs and Android phones. mPatientCare - A revolutionary new Health Care App to change the way you get well.

Objective: the mPatientCare app is aiming for the doctors and hospitals feasibility. As the patients are used to in hurry to find the hospital or a doctor. At that time they can easily get in touch with the doctors. And can get the medical treatment, lab testing or hospitals can order the medicines with this app. So this app is working for hospitals, doctors, and patients as well.