What is mPatientCare and how it's useful for healthcare industry?"

A perfect healthcare solution for Doctors

mPatientCare is a healthcare mobile app for Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnosis lab and Pharma store which is designed and implemented by EmedStore.

The application is a one stop solution to all your medical needs. Be it consulting a doctor, ordering medicine or keeping a track on your health, mPatientCare has you covered. The app offers you a seamless and beautiful design that appeals to a client's eyes and makes it easy for them to navigate through the huge amount of information available to select the best services for their wellbeing. The app holds personalized records for every patient and gives real time information about hospitals, pharmacies, labs and other health services to the user. read more


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Feature List Of App

Book Appointment:

With the mPatientcare app, a patient can book an appointment with the desired doctor. A patient can select the doctor as per their requirement and as per their convenience of date and time.

A doctor can approve the appointment request as per the schedule. No need to sit a long time in the waiting of doctor's area of a hospital.

Book Lab:

mPatientcare does the booking of the lab, too. In general, we used to see the people waiting a long time for laboratory appointments and rest results.

Health Checkup:

Doctors in general, get the patients who used to be in a hurry to get cured. But what about normal health check-ups?

You will get your clients even when they want their daily health check-ups with a mPatientcare app. Because here everything is just automated and notifications are available to remind your patients.

Corporate Tie-ups:

Large hospitals are getting tied up with the other hospitals for the availability of the doctors of each department.

They need to find the doctors manually or with the Google search. What if you don't know the doctor's expertise? Just download mPatientcare and get informed about the hospitals and doctors nearby.

The Benefits Of App
Business And Customers

Easy to Manage Appointment:

No need to attend more phone calls, appointment can be manage on clicks.

SMS Confirmation:

Appointments can be scheduled after your approval only

Suggest Services:

Can suggest pharmacy stores or any laboratory tests to your patients through mPatientCare

Referral Growth:

:Refer your patients to another doctor and track anytime

Search Facility:

Patients can find the doctors on the basis of location, name and specialization easily, so doctors can be approached easily

Patient Tracking:

Can maintain all appointment records, past, upcoming, cancelled and track patients flow

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Dedicated Resource For Health Care

Rumit Patel

Sr. Android Developer

Rumit Patel has deep experience in building successful global digital companies, teams, and products. He is currently the Senior Android Developer for mPatientCare.

Shabbir Hasan

Sr. PHP Developer

Shabbir Hasan is the Senior PHP Developer at mPatientCare where he is responsible for all product efforts and inorganic growth strategies.

Rishil Patel

Sr. iOS Developer

Rishil Patel is the Senior iOS Developer at mPatientCare, an agency which offers Brand Building in the Digital Era & Video led Content Services.

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I am glad to have found EMedstore at the right time. I was struggling with my business because most my regular clients were switching to online websites to get their medicine. But the extremely friendly staff of EMedstore first explained me. read more..

Client's Review

True Chemist has always been a big name in the city but we recently saw a decline in our sales. After some discussions in the pharmacist community, a friend suggested me to get in touch with EMedstore and that was a life changing experience. read more..

Client's Review

Medicine Rider has been in the market for a while and we thought we were quite established until we started seeing a steady decline in revenue for continuous 6 months. We did not know how to proceed with that until we read about EMedstore. read more..

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Work should solve real problems, honing in on and delivering value in the space of unmet needs.
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How Do You Measure Product Success?

Work should solve real problems, honing in on and delivering value in the space of unmet needs.

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